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AJAX.NET PROFESSIONAL for Microsoft .NET Framework 1.1/2.0

Why I need your help?

This is a good question... Ok, I started Ajax.NET beginning of last year in my free time. As the hype around Ajax started a lot of .NET developers started using my library. Until today Ajax.NET Professional is the number one used library for .NET.

Since started with .NET 2.0 (Visual Studio .NET 2005) I have a lot of problems with my current very old and slow notebook. Each compile needs about 1 minute, too slow to stay with the fast development of the last months. I'd like to buy a new Dell notebook to go on with the Ajax.NET Professional development.

Thank you for your great help on new features and your donation for this project!
Michael Schwarz

I will add a URL for any donation I get, simply send me your URL and a description.

Click here to view the license agreement and download your copy of the source code.

If you have questions or found a bug please write to the Google Ajax.NET Professional group.

My postal address is:
Michael Schwarz
Meisenweg 2
90547 Stein, Germany

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